How Far Mobile Advertising Has Come.

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How Far Mobile Advertising Has Come.

Have you ever used an app that contained banner ads? Do you remember what they were for? Chances are, if you’re like 60% of mobile users, you just ignored the banner ads completely. Banner ads were the preferred advertisement choice in the early days of mobile advertising after having been adapted from desktop versions of websites. Unfortunately for advertisers, 38% of clicks were accidents, making this a complete failure of an advertising medium.

Mobile ads have evolved quite a bit over the short years since the first smartphone was introduced. Interstitial ads are used between content and are easily distinguishable from the rest of the content area. However, native ads, or ads that look like the surrounding content, are gaining a lot of ground in mobile apps and on mobile websties. They are less intrusive and can lead to a more smooth experience for the user, which can be a more successful advertising tactic.

Video ads are also starting to gain ground. Once thought to be taboo because of restrictions on data usage from carriers, video ads are now more popular than ever with advances in unlimited data plans. Over 90% of advertisers report having success with video ads. Learn more about the evolution of mobile advertising from this infographic.

The Evolution of Mobile Advertising


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