Playable Game Ads: Future of Mobile Game Industry

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Playable Game Ads: Future of Mobile Game Industry

Nowadays game advertisers trying to reach as much users as they can and mobile game startups embracing mobile/social advertising more than ever because according to App Annie, games made up 75 percent of total revenue.(1)

As a result of this effort, we are getting exposed to lot of similar video advertisements of mobile games. So, how mobile game developers are going to differentiate their growth strategy from the crowd?

With playable ads!

Let’s take Mobile Strike as a real world example. It is holding the first rank in a lot of different categories in US market even there are lot of games already exist in the store. It has a visibility score of 81 out of 100 according to MobileAction. But what makes them this successful? The answer of this success lies in their advertisement strategy and playable ads!

As Mobile Strike proved to the world, playable ads are the next big thing following the video ads. It gives brands to tease by showing a mini version of the game and let people play interactively instead of static videos. This is increasing the engagement and conversion of your mobile ads and contributing to retention by delivering your game’s message clearly.

(1): Worldwide in the iOS App Store as of April 2016.

(2) Source


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