App Developer’s 7 Mistake Made Just Before Ranking Boost

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App Developer’s 7 Mistake Made Just Before Ranking Boost

1- Having Rate 4 Stars Below

It is the popular question that what star rating we should have for our app in the app store.

The answer could change in different times. Current research from indicates that:

  • 98% of the top 100 apps have minimum 4 stars.,
  • 92% of the top paid apps have minimum 4 stars,
  • 99% of the top grossing app have minimum 4 stars.

It could be observed that perception of users can change the apps’ fate. Rating of an  app affect implication of many users.

If your app has 1 to 3 star, before start a ranking boost campaign, you should improve your app. You may design your graphics, make it more convenient to use. If you don’t these, your boosting campaign could be waste; because, most of the users will see your rating before the download and they will give up to download it due to bad impression.

If you have 5 stars, people may think that you got fake reviews; because the best applications don’t have even 5 stars. thus, it’s very cute o have 4 stars and that seems more reasonable.

2- Have an Icon That Hasn’t Been A/B Tested & Refined

Your app’s icon is very effective on conversion rate more than most people think. It acts as a mini banner ad, so it’s very important to choose convenient icon to generate more install of the app.

Apps icons immensely represent the apps and they cause the first insight about the apps.Therefore when potential users often decide whether download an app or not, your take decisions according to their first impression.

It’s the best way to A/B test different icons to see which one very effective. Just don’t run an internal survey by picking your family and friend groups; but initiate some paid ad campaigns and construct your decision on the resulting data.

Facebook is one of the most effective platforms to A/B test because of its large user base and in-depth targeting abilities. Moreover, you can test both on web and  mobile that will give you important data to analyse.

You should be sure about your ad includes both text and icon. Text is important; because, your new users will want to know what kind of app they will use. Also, before spending money to acquire new users, you need to allocate some money on testing your icon. It will generate more new customer.

3- Not Having A Video in Your Listing

Nothing have a video in your listing leads to have the lower conversion rate. Therefore, it’s very crucial to make a video. Most of the user prefer watching video to reading text. Also, making video is very easy with some useful tools. For that reasons, it is a huge mistake to not make a video in your app listing.

Especially, for games, videos could be very attractive. Video show general features of apps. run a survey and it proposes 33% of the users watched a video before downloading an app. Video is a contributing factor which convince users to download it, the survey says. 

Video can build realistic expectations rather than screenshots. Screenshots can’t show apps’ specific features as than can be seen in a video. Also, you can show your slick user interface and impressive animation, which screenshots can’t do the same as effectively as videos do.

Duration of people’s concentration is very low, so videos should be short and funny. It should attract people’s attention at the beginning of the video.

4- Boosting At The Wrong Times

Timing is very important; because it affect the number of people browsing on the app store. If you want to generate massive exposure, you should care timing to convert the most users.

Christmas and long holidays are good times to launch a campaign. People will be more free and they will spend more time on browsing the app stores. Also, the day of the week is important. Weekends are holidays for students and workers. Friday night could be best timing and it will be at the peak on Saturday morning. 

There can be many competitor application that are seek to holidays and weekends to launch an app. So, it could be good time to initiate a campaign just before the holidays and Christmas. If you do that at the same time with many others, your campaign may not be effective as you expect.

You may have not well budget as your competitors have. You can choose a less popular day for launching. For instance, you can release your app a week before Christmas eve. Also, the beginnings of the months are good dates, because, most of people were paid for their labor at that time. They tend to spend much more money in those times. They may buy more apps and make app-in buying.

5- Not Boosting During Soft Launch

Soft launching helps you to gather data about impressions of an app on the people. You can check your app’s influence on people geographically. Before initiate in a large market, firstly you should release your app into a small comparable market such as UK or Canada’s market. 

Bursting in a smaller market will show you what king of changes you need to do for bigger markets such as US. You can think why we need to burst an app in a small market. Since, bursting helps you to save time. If you extend it over a period of time, you can’t measure your data properly. Also, your competitors may release their product into big markets and they get revenues that you may get if you would release before them. 

6- Not Setting KPIs

It is crucial to set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure that you can analyse the results and make necessary improvements before running a burst campaign.

Are you looking to arrive at the top charts? Are you seeking to acquire users with high lifetime value? Are you looking to get as many customer as possible? Are you caring for re-engagement?

You need to decide on these factors before launching and create your strategy. Also, you need to narrow your strategy and focus on the most important ones to measure. 

Cost Per Daily Active User is one of the KPIs and it is important for measurement of profitability of your app.  Also, you need to measure how many users are engaged in, in- app purchasing, etc.

7- Not Optimizing The Description & Title of The App

Before the releasing your app, it is crucial to optimize title and description of the app in your app store listing. App’s still should reflect the main theme of the app and it should be striking. Description should give main features and be simple and understandable. 

The first three lines of the app should include the best information and it should lead user to click on ‘read more.’ You should explain well why the app is unique and people should download it. 

After three lines, use social proof to show visitors that your app is good and likes. Description may include testimonials about how users are satisfied. Then, you should put the awards that you previously win. 

Maybe, you have been featured in any newspapers or blog or you can be mentioned by a key online influencer. Putting these on your description increase your credibility and causes building trust on you.  Leverage anyone who has featured you and use their authority to get more attention of your potential customers.  

After showing social proof, the next step is talking about your app’s beat features and the benefits which users will receive by using your app. Put some detail here and explain what your videos and screenshots include.

At the end you need to put clear Call to Action (CTA) at the bottom of your listing which directs people to download the app. For example, “ Download (App Name) now to enjoy (benefits).” Make it sound more attractive.

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