How to Promote Finance Applications

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How to Promote Finance Applications

What Value Do You Offer?

A few years ago , it’s impossible to claim that a mobile app can take care of all your finance activities, but it’s quite possible now. Additionally there are at least 3 groups of finance apps and each of them has its own value.

  • Banking, trading, insurance, etc: Apps that are created by banks, insurance companies and big crypto market places. Each app has different user base changes from what app solve for its user. An online banking app can solve money transaction between two user or a trading app provides can buy shares from stock market like NYSE. 
  • Mobile wallets: Apps provide users to control money transactions into digital world that means users won’t use real wallet for money transactions. Number of these apps exploded after blockchain developments.
  • Money managers: These apps allow people to control their income and expands. People can track personal money flow and see how she\he use money.

There are thousands of applications in Google Play Store and Apple App Store on Finance Category. That apps provided by financial companies like banks or payment services. However if you look further you can observe few powerful apps which offer value differs than banks and other services. As a suggestion if you want to reach top of Finance Category you don’t have to large marketing budget.

You need the Strategy but How?

Finance is the very complicated category, so you need to build strong strategy before releasing your app to the market. You need to do market research, study your competitors and decide which value you have to offer for your customers. Here are some tips:

  1. Take care of your store appearance, so it’s all about App Store Optimization (ASO). You need to look at your keywords (app name, title, description), creatives (screenshots, preview video), localization and user feedback.
  2. User power of media. If you pitch famous finance bloggers , journalists and economists, they can point your app to their audience. Try to referred by Forbes, Economist, Coindesk, Inc, etc. 
  3. Use startup community get your first users (early adapters). Launch your app on ProductHunt or

Final Thoughts

You should divide the audience into small groups and personalize each segment. Probably you catch ‘aha’ moment for 1 or 2 segments. You need to get the impression of that segments so the value presented by your app has to kill the pain in customer’s head. Try to build user habits on your product. Use push notifications sign their mind to act for next usage. Make it each action simple and clearly. User awards for well performed actions. You should engage them for next usage via sign-action-award psycho loop. Also you must watch your budget for promoting your app with the idea. Measuring all of your efforts will provide you manage your ROI and stable mobile growth.


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