Why Location matters for Mobile Advertising more than ever

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Why Location matters for Mobile Advertising more than ever

The global Mobile Advertising business is growing everyday in every country of the globe; and one trend which is becoming in critical today for advertisers is Location.

Why? the main reason for a great Marketing strategy is to select carefully your buying persona audience based in several variables like age, professional level, demographics, location, etc. Let me put an quick example: Your company wants to launch a new fitness beverage in the APAC region, focused in three countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

What I would do thinking like a Data-Driven Marketer? First, I would use good datasets from fitness apps like Jawbone’s UP app, FitBit or Nike FuelBand, and I would create Real-Time maps to see the most used locations for runners in the main three cities: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney.

These locations could be your target location to take place for your Mobile-based ad, and of course then, you should make a wise use of Analytics how your campaign is performing. This is one of the simplest examples of the things that you could achieve using location-based ads.



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