User Acquisition Techniques for Health & Fitness Apps

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User Acquisition Techniques for Health & Fitness Apps

Health & Fitness apps has become popular day by day. Sometimes it can be perfect to track  what you eat or sometimes it can good trainee to get fit shape. Almost 100K health related app added by 14K publishers to app stores since 2015.

Usage of Health & Fitness apps grown by 330% last 3 years according to research by Flurry Analytics. Advances in AI and ML technologies allow apps to identify user behavior and personal cases with relevant by users need. Integration with wearable devices can help usage of health and fitness app dramatically.

Health & Fitness apps have very high retention rates. 70% active users open their health and fitness app at least 2 times a week and 25% of users open the apps more than10 times in a week. The high frequency of usage generates engagement opportunity to increase monetization for app developers. 96% of app users are perfect loyal, they use only 1 app. However it means new apps have to more impression than old ones to acquire users.

How to Get Users to into Fresh Health & Fitness App

The industry of mHealth apps is growing and predictions are bright for future projections. However app publishers have to pay attention to highly competitive market. Publishers have to develop marketing and PR strategy to create community around the app and reaching out target users from existing health and fitness communities. Here are some tips to start:

  • Defining Target Audience: Fitness Fanatics who are mostly active health & fitness apps’ users. They are generally 62% females and 25-34 years old. Additionally you have to define new user groups as target to create niche user segment.

  • Authentic Marketing Strategy: App developers consume less time and use of ineffective methods to build marketing strategy. Marketing strategy helps to attract potential customers that are interested in wellness related topics. As more importantly it helps create loyal and engaged customer base. Some techniques described to acquire new users:
    • Use App Store Optimization tips with well selected app keywords (app title, description)  and brilant creatives (screenshot, preview video) which call users to download your app.
    • Use power of content: Websites or blogs are an effective way of sharing updates, news and content. Relevant content improve user acquisition and engagement stats.
    • Get referrals: The most collaborative way to expand your app is getting referrer from industry bloggers and user generated content. You’ll have more chances to build fantastic brand with popular bloggers and user referrer content.
  • Building Community:  People use health and fitness apps for becoming well, but they need to share their experience with the others. Most fitness apps connect users’ friends via social network integration. In-App interactions like feed or  shares provide user engagement based on competition. Therefore it can increase your app’s metrics such as Daily Active User (DAU) or Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) in directly.


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