Mobile User Acquisition 101- Part 2

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Mobile User Acquisition 101- Part 2

In the first article of this topic says about “Important Terms” and “Mobile User Acquisition (UA) Channels.” In this second article These topics will be covered: Mobile UA Ads, Mobile UA Attribution, Mobile UA Platforms/ Tools and Mobile UA Trends.

Mobile UA Ads

There are many kind of mobile advertisements that have different function. These are:

Video Ads: Videos are very effective to attract potential users. It shouldn’t be too long. High quality 30 seconds length videos are mostly watched at the end. As we say at the first article, completion rate of those videos are 88.3%.  You may publish your app videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. This way will bring you many customers if your base is strong well enough.

Banner Ads: Banner ads’ popularity is diminishing; but it is still useful to get recognition by users. Banner seem at the top or bottom of the page while users are using present application. Banner shouldn’t disrupt users by filling the whole page. It helps you to bring new user and introduce your app to new users. Also, you can retarget users who didn’t sign up or try out your product.

Native Ads:Integrated ads are consistent with design, content and function of your app. This natural strategy is more acceptable by people that is useful when considering UA. It is proposed that 25% more customers looked at natural apps than display ad units

Social Ads: Social media should be missed for advertising. There are billions of people using social media actively. There are exactly 3.196 billion people browsing on twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. The number has increased by 13% since January 2017 until February 2019.

Social media users are growing. At the beginning young people started to use it; but today middle-aged people have started to use it at rising rate. It is a new trend. Thus, don’t miss the chance of spreading your app across the world by using social media channel. It has growing effect for User Acquisition (UA).

Mobile UA Attribution

Mobile UA attribution is useful marketing strategy. It is one of the key requirements for your app’s achievement. It is about observe your conversion of the app. You can detect which ads channels take you to the best results. Here are some reasons that explain you why you need to use attribution tools:

  • It will help you to save your money. You will know which channels are the best and you allocate your money on that channels. Int the long run, you will increase your LTV.
  • You can see users downloaded your app whether by help of ads or other ways. For this information, you will know how much you need to pay for CPI (Cost Per Install) to publishers. 
  • An app should implement SDKs (Software Development Kits) to measure and optimize your ad networks You can do this complicated work with just one all- embracing SDK. Those universal SDKs reduce your cost instead of using many SDKs as it interconnects advertisers, agencies and ad networks through its infrastructure.
  • Many of attribution platforms are also equipped with a dashboard that cover all data when you start a non- organic campaign. It will provide you with coherent information about the process. Using more than one SDK may lead you confusion.

Mobile UA Platforms

One of the most important part is choosing a platform or tools that works with your app. There are some tools below that help you achieve the best results. It is recommended that you should try them and fins which one works better with your app. Examples are:

Mobile UA Trends

Following the trend is very important for every industry. Especially, since the mobile app sector is so dynamic, you should be more careful. 

Mobivsta’s Senior Vice President Charles Xi proposed that one of the major threats to the global mobile game business is increasing UA costs. The rising US cost were found as a threat by 63.2% developers that rate is second to competition (73.1%). There are many new releasing applications and many new apps will be launched in near future. Other threats are rising marketing costs, availability of free content, development cost, ad fraud, vs.

Today, UA is more important than ever for acquiring and keeping app games and shoppers because of trend of ever- increasing spending on mobile games and shopping apps. Though, Sessions are decreasing for mobile games. Also it is suggested that “investing more in shopping apps’ UA during periods of lower CPI and CPM rates when users see fewer calls to action.” says, Luba Anashina.

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