Advantages of mobile advertising

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Advantages of mobile advertising

What makes mobile advertising so effective?

Markets are constantly expanding. New business ventures and entrepreneurs are looking for options to leverage this amazing opportunity.  Following are some of the key benefits of mobile advertising:

  1. Accessible: Social media platforms and mobile apps have become the modern terminology for communication. People spend a considerable amount of time updating their apps. It is hence important to deliver your campaign directly to your consumers.And what better way to do so than to reach out to your consumers on their cell phones. The accessibility benefits of mobile advertising ensure that that your ad campaigns get delivered instantly and accessed easily by the users.
  2. Geo-targeting: Since people keep their cell phones with them when they travel, marketers and advertisers can make use of the knowledge to deliver location-based, geo-targeted advertisements. Location-based mobile advertising is a great way to analyze consumer preferences and habits like shopping favorites, areas frequented, etc.     For example, when a shopper visiting X locality gets an advertisement of a sale happening in a store there, the chances of visiting the store are likely to increase.
  3. Understanding consumer habits: Mobile devices have a unique ID. Using the id’s, offline as well as online habits of the target consumers can easily be studied. This, in turn, helps in devising a sound marketing campaign.
  4. Cost efficiency: Mobile advertising is one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach your target customers.  In fact, the overall cost of designing a mobile advertising campaign is a small fraction of a TV or radio ad. Being budget-friendly means that marketers can afford to increase the frequency of sending messages or even target new customers repeatedly.
  5. Personalized advertising: Mobile advertisements have the unique advantage of tailoring the mobile user’s preference in marketing campaigns. Customers have the option to follow, like or even send in their own suggestions to their favorite brands through social platforms.
  6. Plethora of creative options: Since mobile advertising integrates well with social media channels, websites, and apps, it is possible to enhance the creativity levels of the advertisements. With a strong visual appeal and instant outreach, mobile ads ensure a stronger impression on the target audience.
  7. Fraud resistance: Compared to desktop advertising, fraud detection is easy with mobile devices. It is easy to verify the “Click to calls” and usage.
  8. Instant results: Cell phone users keep their devices with them wherever they go. The chances of seeing an ad on a mobile set are more as compared to desktop or other traditional advertising methods. Additionally, it is also easy to track user responses instantly.
  9. Higher conversion rates: Smartphone-based ads, clicks, spend and conversions report the highest growth rate when compared to desktops or even tablets.
  10. Interactive: People like to take part in advertisements that come along with contests, games, etc. The use of gamification and other features makes mobile advertising more interactive.


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