Examples of Companies with Successful Mobile Advertising Campaigns

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Examples of Companies with Successful Mobile Advertising Campaigns

According to IAB’S internet advertising revenue reports, mobile has grown to account for nearly two-thirds of digital ad revenue for the year 2018. Additionally, approximately 71% of the time spent online tends to be on a mobile device. 

While the list of brands that have reaped the benefits of mobile advertising is endless, following are five top brands with highly successful mobile advertising campaigns:

  1. Samsung: Samsungs interactive ads which included a personalized real-time battery identification mobile ad unit, when they first introduced Galaxy S6 was a huge success. It allowed viewers to experience the product before they could decide to purchase it. An interstitial ad was also created to demonstrate the smartphone’s fast charging feature. Since users were actually looking for this feature, the targeted mobile advertisements along with the catchy CTA button that led the users to experience the product created a greate demo ad.
  1. Nissan: The video ad showcasing Nissan’s Rogue SUV was an instant hit. The ad featured a fight between the SUV and a gang of snowmen. Users could tap on their touchscreens to participate while learning about the features of the automobile. 
  2. Snickers: Remember how you wanted to grab that chocolate bar every time you heard their audio ad that said: “you’re not YOU when you’re hungry”? Snickers targeted a group of users who were actually listening to a different music genre that was not their usual choice. Just as they were disinterestedly doing that, the audio ad was delivered to pinpointed users who were then taken to Snickers branded playlist called “The Hunger List”.
  3. Netflix: Yes, the world’s leading entertainment service provider created a realistic advertisement experience to capture the interest of the users. The ad used the fear experience that people had while watching their horror paranoia series called Black Mirror. User mobile screens changed to black which resembled a broken mirror. The ad grabbed immediate attention, to say the least!
  4. Pond’s: The super interactive mobile advertisement created by Pond’s managed to grab high user engagement time. What did they do? They targeted a specific group of customers who spent a large percentage of their time on mobile phones and cameras. 

The ad created a personalized event where the front-facing cameras of their smartphones were used. As the user looked into their device, the camera tracked facial features and detected acne-prone areas of the skin. Bang! Their new Acne treatment product was a hit.

Final words: 

2020 is fast approaching.

You can no longer solely rely on the quality of your products to win over new customers. Customer experience is important too. With the growth of mobile advertising, business owners need to now focus on mobile customer experience. 

Mobile advertising is the future of the advertising industry. It is the quickest way to reach the Gen Z audience to sell your brand or product. With news of 5G being introduced to the markets soon, the internet speed will go zooming. Video ads, gamification and reality ads will get easier to deliver. 

Finally, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are expected to play a significant role in the world of mobile advertising. 


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