Key Mobile Ad Strategies That Work

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Key Mobile Ad Strategies That Work

The 2019 mobile ad spending is predicted to account for approximately half of the global advertising market. 

While the rapid growth of the industry is exciting, it has not been easy for brands to get their mobile ad campaign to work as they want. Since the medium is fairly new, it is not always easy to determine the strategies and tactics that work the best. 

A successful mobile advertising strategy varies from one business to the other. However, considering the general trends, the following are some key mobile ad strategies that have shown great results for various brands.

1. Incorporate modern versions of mobile ads

Mobile banner ads are the conventionally used ones by various global brands. While they still hold their popularity, it is time to think beyond banners. After all, “Banner ad blindness” is not an unknown term anymore!

Consumers have shorter attention spans and limited availability of time to view the ad content being thrown in their devices. 

A CTR analysis given by COULL tells gives us the following figures in terms of “click through rates” for various ad formats:

  • Display ads  0.35%
  • Native ads 1.37%
  • Video 11.8%
mobile advertising


While display advertisements like banner ads can be highly effective when directed to the right consumer groups at the right time, it is definitely time to include modern versions like native and video ads in your mobile ads spend.

2. Think Local

The share of local ad spend is projected to jump in the year 2020.

Ever wondered the reason behind the rapid growth?

Mobile ads are one of the best channels for businesses that are localized. With the possibilities of geotargeting, mobile ads are now being delivered to local consumers. 

In some ways, it helps the user feel interested and connected to the advertisement. When a brand decides to create local mobile advertisements (both, platform-agnostic and device-specific), the results are often highly effective.

3. Make use of the targeting options

It is important to target your mobile ads to improve overall effectiveness. 

As an ad creator or a mobile ad marketer, it is important to remember that modern-day consumers have a low tolerance for ads that do not serve value. Make use of the capabilities of current mobile devices (like GPS) to create more targeting options. 

Targeting options like consumer demographics, time targeting, behavior targeting etc are very effective when you’re focused on improving your response rates. Ensure that you use as many of these targeting options available. 

Modern options like micro-location targeting and micro time targeting are also being used by mobile advertisers to generate better and rapid results.

4. Reduce your ad loading time

Even while fetching awesome conversions, mobile ads often end up being overlooked by user groups. In fact, certain studies report that a big percentage of mobile users prefer to block their mobile ads due to interruptions caused by the long loading time.

We’ve all faced it. Slow-loading ads that take forever to come through.

Not just are these ads blocked by user groups, they often end up creating a negative brand experience.

Ensure that you build lightweight ads to keep them user-friendly. If possible, do not include heavy images or hosted video content. Ad serving processes like “polite load” help by loading a lighter file while the main content gets uploaded.

Finally, try not to use incompatible technologies for ad serving.

– Remember, mobile ads need to meet certain pre-defined objectives. Ensure that your ads are as informative as possible.

Other techniques like providing incentives through ads work great when you want to attract more users and generate leads. Everyone loves free stuff. A discount coupon, a gift card or any other incentive format are good ways to do so.


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