How to Run a Successful App Install Ad Campaign

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How to Run a Successful App Install Ad Campaign

A successful mobile growth strategy requires a holistic approach to both paid and organic app user acquisition. Organic acquisition lays the groundwork for longterm mobile growth, while paid acquisition offers a continuous and predictable stream of app users – both crucial components of app success and scalability. This post focuses on the paid piece of the puzzle, and showcases the ways successful app install ad campaigns take both paid and organic strategies into account.

Despite the rising costs of acquiring users through paid advertising, paid acquisition remains an integral piece of the marketing mix for many brands. A breakdown of mobile growth efforts shows companies of all sizes continue to see the value app install ad campaigns bring to their overall mobile strategies.

How to Run a Successful App Install Ad Campaign - Allocation of Team Efforts by Company Size

A successful mobile growth strategy recognizes how all of these elements work together. If you plan your app install ad campaigns with your larger strategy in mind, these paid campaigns can (and should) also boost your organic acquisition performance.

So before you launch your paid campaign, here are some key considerations to run a successful app install ad campaign that maximizes the ROI of your entire mobile growth strategy.

Click-to-Install Rates for Paid Links Vary Across Industries

How to Run a Successful App Install Ad Campaign - Click-to-Install Rates by Industry

First, you should decide how much budget to allocate to a paid app install ad campaign based on the click-to-install rate you can expect for your app, as well as the projected value of each user.

The click-to-install rate for paid links varies widely based on industry. If you have an entertainment app, the data shown in the chart above suggests paid campaigns aren’t as effective as the click-to-install rate is just .94% – but if the value of each user is high, it may still be worth the investment. Otherwise, you might look into an incentivized referral campaign as a more effective strategy.

On the other hand, if you have a utilities app, a paid campaign might be worth a larger chunk of your user acquisition budget – as you can expect click-to-install rates around 4.22%.

Once you decide what amount of resources you will allocate to a paid app install ad campaign, you need to select what channels you’re going to leverage.

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