App Ranking Boost/Burst Campaign

Six Mile Media

Boost to the top of the App Store and Google Play

Using our resources, it is possible to boost your app to Top Paid/Free,

Overall/Categories, and Top New Android Apps (Google Play).

Why do you need boost

to Top?

Boost to Top increases the visibility and recognition of the app, which helps attract a larger number of organic users within a short period of time.

Top Overall works best for apps with a wide target audience, such as, for example: promo apps, casual games, social networks, etc. For other apps, it can be enough to boost up within a Top Category.

The mechanics of boost to the top

App analysis

Calculation of required traffic volume

Competitiveness in the Tops is constantly changing, so the final volume of traffic required should be calculated individually, no earlier than ten days before the start of the campaign.

Start of the campaign

During the “boost”, it is very important to monitor the density of driven traffic. The more installs the app gets per a unit of time, the faster it lands in the desired position. During the campaign, we track boosting dynamics with every update in the store and, if necessary, swiftly adjust its operation.

Sustaining the position

After the app has landed at the required position, traffic acquisition may be continued. This will help maintain the achieved result and attract more organic users. Profitability of maintaining a position and the necessary amount of installs are evaluated by analytical metrics.

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