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User Acquisition Techniques for Shopping Apps

Defining the Core Value Apps produce more opportunities than ever for marketers to interact with consumers and effect their buying decisions. Apps courage consumers to search and buy on their rules and timeline. Additionally physical conditions such as long queues or parking problem consumers no longer go shopping; but they…
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5 Mobile Advertising Strategies for Better Conversions

According to comScore, the number of mobile users globally has exceeded the desktop in 2014 alone, let alone in 2017. You already know that mobile advertising is important to any business or brand. But without a proper mobile advertising strategy, how are you going to ensure your mobile advertising campaign…
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Examples of Companies with Successful Mobile Advertising Campaigns

According to IAB’S internet advertising revenue reports, mobile has grown to account for nearly two-thirds of digital ad revenue for the year 2018. Additionally, approximately 71% of the time spent online tends to be on a mobile device.  While the list of brands that have reaped the benefits of mobile…
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Key Mobile Ad Strategies That Work

The 2019 mobile ad spending is predicted to account for approximately half of the global advertising market.  While the rapid growth of the industry is exciting, it has not been easy for brands to get their mobile ad campaign to work as they want. Since the medium is fairly new,…
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Key Steps for Developing a Mobile Advertising Campaign

An online mobile marketing campaign uses a certain set of key elements. Following is a list of factors that add up to create a successful mobile advertising campaign : 1. Establish the objectives Like any other marketing campaign, it is important to define objectives for the mobile advertising campaign as…
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