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Defining the Core ValueApps produce more opportunities than ever for marketers to interact with consumers and effect their buying decisions. Apps courage consumers to search and buy on their rules and timeline. Additionally physical conditions such as long queues or parking problem consumers no longer go shopping; but they are always shopping.There
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According to comScore, the number of mobile users globally has exceeded the desktop in 2014 alone, let alone in 2017. You already know that mobile advertising is important to any business or brand. But without a proper mobile advertising strategy, how are you going to ensure your mobile advertising campaign
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Wherever you go, your mobile device follows. Inevitably, mobile has become so ingrained in our lifestyle than any other medias. As reported in Mary Meeker’s report mid of this year, 29% Of people’s daily screen time are spent looking at smartphonesGlobal mobile data traffic grew nearly 70%Mobile commands 24% of
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A successful mobile growth strategy requires a holistic approach to both paid and organic app user acquisition. Organic acquisition lays the groundwork for longterm mobile growth, while paid acquisition offers a continuous and predictable stream of app users – both crucial components of app success and scalability. This post focuses
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According to IAB’S internet advertising revenue reports, mobile has grown to account for nearly two-thirds of digital ad revenue for the year 2018. Additionally, approximately 71% of the time spent online tends to be on a mobile device.  While the list of brands that have reaped the benefits of mobile
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So, how do we get to decide a reasonable ad budget? OR How much does mobile advertising cost? Determining the right spend is definitely not as simple as it sounds. According to a report by emarketer for mobile internet ad spending worldwide, it has grown from 19.20 billion dollars in
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The 2019 mobile ad spending is predicted to account for approximately half of the global advertising market.  While the rapid growth of the industry is exciting, it has not been easy for brands to get their mobile ad campaign to work as they want. Since the medium is fairly new,
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An online mobile marketing campaign uses a certain set of key elements. Following is a list of factors that add up to create a successful mobile advertising campaign : 1. Establish the objectives Like any other marketing campaign, it is important to define objectives for the mobile advertising campaign as
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Mobile ads can have different forms and platforms. While marketers use each of the below-mentioned mobile advertising solutions, the suitability to a sector and the baseline strategy decides the choice. Various social media platforms work differently when it comes to mobile advertising techniques and efforts. What follows is to consider the different types of mobile advertising options available and consider them with respect to the goal of the advertisement. Following is a list of the most commonly used mobile advertising formats. 1. Banner advertising Banner ads are the oldest version of mobile ads. The origin of banner advertising can be traced back to web marketing. However, in a world that is more in love with interactive rich media ads, banner advertisements still manage to survive and be popular. Banner ads are often seen embedded in a web host page or an app. In most instances, these are depicted by images (or graphics with text) that are designed to grab the attention of consumers. The idea is to pull the customers from the host page to the advertiser’s page and later convert it into a paying client. The use of vibrant colors, quality graphics, and “Call to Action” tabs make banner ads very appealing and popular. The better the visual appeal, the higher is the customer reaction. While banner ads are very cost-efficient and are still being widely used, the world is quickly moving to other modern options like gamification ads and video ads (described below). That said, banner ads are very much alive and in demand. 2. Video advertising A report from the Business Insider says that social video advertising spend doubled up in 2017 (expectedly) to over $4 billion. Those FIGURES alone say a lot! Video advertising is a very powerful communication tool to get a company it’s desired conversion figures. Product videos are extremely helpful for customers when they are in a decision-making process. Videos can effectively deliver a complete visual experience, which helps the users to get a closer feel of the products in question A big percentage of consumers watch videos on their mobile phones. In fact, watching video on a phone has more impact and gets more conversions as compared to watching video ads on TV! Ad makers and marketers use various techniques to display video ads on a mobile device. Options like optimizing a YouTube ad, Shopping ads that get displayed underneath the main video, sponsored advertisements that come at the beginning of video content are used. Some important tips for creating mobile video advertisements that generate good ROI are: Keep it SIMPLE Use your CREATIVITY Keep it short and CRISP The audio and visuals are NOT TOO LOUD Display a CALL TO ACTION 3. Full-screen or interstitial mobile advertising Interstitial advertisements are the full-screen videos or graphics that are usually placed at app transition points. Say, for example, you are playing a video game. You’ve just managed to clear Level 1 and are ready to get your next game level loaded. That’s when you observe an image or a short video ad coming up. These are interstitial mobile ads. Interstitial mobile ads Interstitial ads get high click percentages compared to banner ads. However, the rule that goes with interstitial ads is to display them ONLY at the interval points. The ads appear naturally between the content transition points so as not to interrupt the user activity flow. Ad types may include text, graphics or rich media. Finally, users usually get a choice of closing the advertisement by clicking the X button (usually on the top right). Since these ads take up the full screen or the majority of the screen space, they work well to grab consumer attention. 4. Native app-based advertising Native ads are similar to the banners but are not conveyed directly, so as to be treated as advertisement content. The ads are displayed within the app’s natural environment of the mobile and hence blend in with the flow. Since they’re embedded as a part of the mobile environment, they offer an advantage. They can not be blocked. So, you get your advertisement displayed to targeted users without actually causing forced interruptions. The appearance, buttons, and design features are similar to other elements of the app. Some key tips for creating high quality native mobile ads include adding the following key ingredients: Headline Crisp description Brand logo or name URL A popular example of native mobile advertising is Facebook ads. Users scroll through their page/news feed and yet get to see ads embedded in between two news pieces. 5. Gamified mobile advertising Gamified options are a type of interactive video or rich media advertisements. These are a favorite with savvy marketers who want to create interactive channels to advertise. Games are a natural way to generate user interest. Gaming mobile advertisements work great when marketing apps. For example, if the app is about problem-solving or finding directions on a map, short and quick gaming videos that let the users do test it works great as an advertisement. Gaming mobile advertising is a great way to engage customers at a basic level. These also work well to generate user data like consumer profiles, etc. Additionally, gamification based ads create high conversion rates since they manage to capture user attention. A potential consumer involved in a challenging game is more likely to spend 10 or more seconds on the advertisement. KEY NOTE: IAB’S internet advertising revenue reports state that all digital ad formats (mobile plus desktop) have shown the following growth in the year 2018: Search: Total search ad revenue is up 19% to $22.8 billion Banner: Total banner advertising is up 27% to $15.7 billion Video: Total video advertising revenue is up 35% to $7 billion
Mobile ads can have different forms and platforms. While marketers use each of the below-mentioned mobile advertising solutions, the suitability to a sector and the baseline strategy decides the choice. Various social media platforms work differently when it comes to mobile advertising techniques and efforts.  What follows is to consider
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What makes mobile advertising so effective? Markets are constantly expanding. New business ventures and entrepreneurs are looking for options to leverage this amazing opportunity.  Following are some of the key benefits of mobile advertising: Accessible: Social media platforms and mobile apps have become the modern terminology for communication. People spend
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