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Current mobile advertising trends

Seeing an online promotional advertisement pop up while you’re using an online app is a common occurrence. Consumers expect these and their responses to the advertisements are growing in numbers.  Interactive Advertising Bureau states that mobile advertising has experienced a growth surge of 65% in 2014, which has since been…
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What is Mobile Advertising?

Technology has evolved and so has the world of advertising. Mobile advertising is the buzzword of the day. It is definitely one of the most effective means to reach out to your potential customers. IAB’s internet advertising revenue report for the year 2018 states that “Advertising delivered on a mobile…
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Mobile Advertising

There’s an old joke about a “lush” stumbling under a streetlamp, looking for his keys. A passerby asks the man where he last saw the keys. “Over there,” the drunkard says, pointing to the bar down the block. The man says, “If you lost your keys there, why are you…
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Mobile Advertising Ecosystem

Mobile advertising is exploding. Business Insider estimates that by 2018, mobile advertising will take 50% of the total digital ad spend, measuring a whopping $42 billion. However, for a long time, advertisers simply left mobile advertising out of consideration even though time spent on smartphones grew tremendously. A major reason…
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Future of Mobile Advertising

Future of Mobile Advertising.

How In-App Advertising Works for App Monetization

What’s the difference between in-app ads and mobile web ads? Which is best for monetizing your mobile app? Understand the options for mobile advertising, and learn how to use in-app advertising to make money with your mobile app in 3 steps. While there are some compelling reasons that many developers opt…
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