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Advantages of mobile advertising

What makes mobile advertising so effective? Markets are constantly expanding. New business ventures and entrepreneurs are looking for options to leverage this amazing opportunity.  Following are some of the key benefits of mobile advertising: Accessible: Social media platforms and mobile apps have become the modern terminology for communication. People spend…
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Mobile User Acquisition 101 – Part-1

Since the smart phones were invented mobile apps become very dynamic and lucrative business. Many people earn money by developing apps, advertising on mobile apps, giving ASO service, etc. Today, an average US mobile user spend roughly 5 hours on smartphone per day. Mobile app download are predicted to surpass…
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Mobile Advertising

There’s an old joke about a “lush” stumbling under a streetlamp, looking for his keys. A passerby asks the man where he last saw the keys. “Over there,” the drunkard says, pointing to the bar down the block. The man says, “If you lost your keys there, why are you…
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App Developer’s 7 Mistake Made Just Before Ranking Boost

1- Having Rate 4 Stars Below It is the popular question that what star rating we should have for our app in the app store. The answer could change in different times. Current research from appentive.com indicates that: 98% of the top 100 apps have minimum 4 stars., 92% of…
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App Store Optimization (ASO) Guide for Freshly Launched Apps

Step 1 – Keyword Optimization One of the biggest aspects of improving your app store ranking is the choice of keywords. Therefore optimization efforts have to start from selecting right keywords for your app. Firstly you have to select relevant keywords for your app Don’t be tempted to use popular…
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5 Mobile Marketing Measurements Helps to Startups

Measurement is essential to advance a new project. There are many metrics that doesn’t show the real and necessary situation of tech-based new startups. Some of the metrics are not fact-based those are called as “vanity metrics.” Measuring of the right metric is very important to detect startups real and…
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Mobile Advertising and Marketing

The Way Get into Mobile Advertising

The mobile advertising on mobile is a new area that most of the universities don’t have any course about that topic. Many few people know about the vocabulary of the industry. In this article, some basic definitions and knowledge base are bought together. That will helps you introduction to advertising…
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How to Monetize in Mobile Market

If you have a new product or set up a new business, you need to invest in mobile marketing that has growing market share of sale. Most of the researchers propose that mobile internet traffic has overtaken desktop traffic. ComScore recorded that most of the digital growth comes from mobile…
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