User Acquisition

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You grow your mobile business with our services.

What is User Acquisition?

Right Campaign

Right ad format, right campaign type, right platform – acquire, engage and retain users with SixMileMedia.

Acquire, Engage and Retain

With our wide variety of ad formats combined with different bid types we will help you deliver on your goals and acquire, engage and retain users.

New Users

In order to be competitive and successful, it is vital for every app publisher to acquire a steady flow of new users.

User Acquisitions

Our intelligent platform will help you manage, optimize and scale your user acquisitions campaigns.

Campaign Types


The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you’re ready to start your digital marketing journey with Six Mile Media. We provide install and action campaigns for your mobile app. You grow your mobile business with our CPI (Click Per Install) and CPA (Click Per Action) services.

Install Campaign

Accelerate your mobile growth – buy app installs

Just set up your campaign and we will pull creatives from the Play or App Store and create Native Ads. Those Ads will be displayed as banners in apps. Users download your app because they think it is interesting! You only pay for completed installs.

Action Campaigns

Make your users perform an in-app action

With Action Campaigns you are able to specify in-app events and actions like completing a tutorial, completing a level or signing up an account. The users will be guided from the SixMileMedia Offer Wall to take the predefined action within your app – resulting in higher engagement rates.

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